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The Big Picture: Global Population Growth, Energy Demands, Energy Sources & Climate Change


Climate disruption presents the most complex and daunting global challenge of the 21st century. That which has primarily driven the economic gains of the last 200 years - cheap and plentiful fossil fuels – now comes at an increasingly unbearable cost. Yet global energy demand continues to grow, as do investments in carbon-intensive energy sources. We must reconcile the need to power our global economy, yet mitigate impending climate catastrophe. A hard-hitting talk tackling head-on the fundamental economic questions of our times: Can fossil fuels remain at the head of the energy table? If not, how do we keep our global industrial economy humming – is clean energy up to the job? What's the future role of the energy incumbents? Rand covers a broad sweep of related topics - economics, energy, technology, climate science and politics - to come up with an 'art of the possible'.


Tom Rand

Managing Partner, MaRS Cleantech Fund I L.P.




After a number of years as a successful software entrepreneur Tom now focuses his efforts on carbon mitigation. He's active in Cleantech venture capital, technology incubation & commercialization, and public advocacy. Tom is Managing Partner of the privately-backed $30 million MaRS Cleantech Fund, a Senior Advisor at the MaRS Discovery District and  sits on the board of a number of clean energy companies and organizations. Tom also developed Planet Traveler, a low-carbon hotel project in downtown Toronto. Tom's first book Kick the Fossil Fuel Habit was published in early 2010 and his second Waking the Frog was recently published by ECW Press . It is his belief that we have yet to have a serious, public conversation about the threat of climate change, and the economic opportunites afforded by the global transformation to a low-carbon economy.Tom holds a BSc in electrical engineering (U of Waterloo), an MSc in philosophy of science (University of London and LSE)  and an MA and PhD in philosophy (U of Toronto) and is an Action Canada Fellow.

Senior Advisor, MaRS Cleantech Venture Group

Ontario Clean Energy Task Force

Author, Kick the Fossil Fuel Habit



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Lowering the world’s greenhouse gas emissions is not an easy task, but with the right minds in the right place, it can be done.

Held in Edmonton, Alta., the Zero 2014 Conference will address the goal of lowering our carbon impact by bringing together policy and clean-technology leaders from around the world. This three day conference will also feature presentations from the Climate Change and Emissions Management (CCEMC) Corporation Grand Challenge Round 1 Finalists.

CCEMC: A Global Responsibility


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